JLS Machine is experienced in every aspect of using asphalt to pave, repair and maintain roads. driveways and parking lots. From filling potholes to new roads, you can count on our team to put quality first in every project we undertake.

Asphalt has been used in road construction in the United States since 1870. Today, more than 90 percent of all paved roads and streets in our country are surfaced with asphalt.  As a road surface, asphalt allows for quick construction, easy maintenance and versatility at an economical price.

Erosion Control​

Our team has the capability to handle a wide range of erosion and sediment control projects, from silt fences to riprap. We have experience working on projects ranging from small residential subdivisions to large industrial complexes. 

We work closely with your engineer to ensure that your project meets applicable EPA, state and local regulations. Our team of professionals enjoys the challenge of difficult site conditions and complex requirements, as well as opportunities to create green, environmentally friendly erosion control solutions.

We have completed erosion control projects in residential, commercial and industrial developments. We care about your project and your reputation as much as our own good name. We’ll work closely with your team to handle all the details involved your erosion control project so that it runs smoothly and without the risk of non-compliance.

Custom homes 

Our portfolio of projects confirms our commitment to the highest standards of craftsmanship and exceptional service. We value the level of communication in working closely with our homeowners and focus attention to each detail of your home. We only commit to building a certain number of homes each year. This ensures our exceptional level of service and details that are incorporated into the building of your home. This limitation also allows us the opportunity to work closely with our homebuyers and to satisfy their needs and concerns. This philosophy is well recognized by local residents and is an integral part of our continued success.


The first stage of every construction project begins with grading operations. Our experience in grading runs deep. From large scale excavation to complicated sites with environmentally sensitive concerns, our fleet of equipment and our experienced team allows us to meet the needs of our clients projects. 

Our Completed Project List Includes:

  • Single family and multi-family residential developments of all sizes
  • Roads of a variety of sizes
  • Commercial developments, including shopping centers
  • Large-scale industrial complexes

JLS Machine uses heavy earth moving equipment. We can also complete any clearing and grubbing work required before grading can begin. We also have the equipment necessary to preform fine grading as the project nears completion. 

Stormwater Management 

JLS Machine is capable of providing complete stormwater management services, including construction of new treatment devices or repair and renovation of existing systems. We have extensive experience in building stormwater management systems at commercial and residential developments.

Cities, towns and neighborhoods across North Carolina must manage the stormwater that runs off streets, roads, parking lots and other hard surfaces when it rains. There are many viable ways to collect, remove and detain and treat storm water.

Stormwater management is now regulated in many communities in North Carolina. If not designed and maintained properly, stormwater issues can lead to project delays and costly overruns.


JLS Machine has built concrete, roads, sidewalks and curbs throughout North Carolina. Each concrete project includes a number of components to produce a design specific to its intended use and lifespan. 

Concrete is extremely durable and highly versatile. It provides a longer-lasting infrastructure and more rigid surface than asphalt.

Benefits of using concrete inclue:

  • Regid structure
  • Heavy load-bearing capability
  • Lifespan of 25 to 30 years
  • Requires less maintenance 
  • Less affected by wether conditions


JLS Machine will take tour outdoor living dreams and make them a reality. With hard work and attention to detail we will provide flexible solutions to meet and exceed your needs. 

Retaining Walls

JLS Machine has built, repaired and improved retaining walls for new residential developments and commercial sites across North Carolina.

Retaining wall construction is an exact science that requires specific data and precise calculations. Our team has many years of experience in the construction of retaining walls for commercial and residential developments. We can work closely with your architect or engineer to construct a retaining wall that meets the exact specification for your project and needs.

Retaining walls are used to keep almost vertical or vertical slopes in place, whether that material is soil, rock, water or a riverbank. The walls use their own mass or the mass of their backfill or an anchoring system to retain the material behind them and stop the further downward movement of the slope.

JLS Machine, Inc.

Sanitary Sewer

JLS Machine can build a sanitary sewer system for your project that meets site specifications and restrictions for wastewater removal. We will also work side-by-side with your architect or engineer to carry out construction to their specifications. If issues arise during the project we will work with you to troubleshoot and resolve them.

Each type of sanitary sewer has its own recommended usage and specification. Each brings it’s own challenges as well as budget concerns. Our experienced team can work together with your engineer to identify which type of sanitary sewer system is the best solution for the size, slope, subsurface and other constraints of your site.

Water Main Services

In addition to sanitary sewer projects, JLS Machine has extensive experience in installing water main and service lines and modifying, repairing or replacing existing water lines. If it moves water underground, we have experience constructing, installing and repairing it.


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