JLS Machine, Inc.


4360 Caldwell Rd Newton NC 28658  

NC Contractors License #76058  


​We focus on safety by:

We bring a safety mindset to every job site and every project. It’s not enough to get a job done on time and within budget; safety is equally – if not more – important.

  • Providing regular and ongoing training in safe practices to all our employees, including in house OSHA training.
  • Regularly maintaining all equipment in top condition and making repairs immediately; if repairs cannot be made immediately on a piece of equipment, it is locked down and replaced or removed from the site
  • Demonstrating safety throughout our organization in the form of regular safety meetings, reviews of incidents, and recognition of employees who follow and reinforce our safety culture.
  • Hiring employees who share our commitment to safe practices and demonstrate it in every aspect of their work
  • Creating a “no tolerance” environment for cutting corners and other potentially unsafe practices