4360 Caldwell Rd Newton NC 28658  

NC Contractors License #76058  


JLS Machine, Inc.

  • 100+ Custom Residential Homes: Site work, concrete, asphalt, hardscapes and landscapes.
  • 84 Lumber: Total construction of site work and utilities.
  • Balsom Ridge Industrial Park: Construction of roads, grading for lots and installing erosion control measures.
  • Black Mountain: Installed 3000' of sewer lines through downtown.
  • Cambridge Oaks: Installation of sewer pump station.
  • Carolina Renaissance Festival: Site work and utilities.
  • City of Hickory - Henry Fork Waste Water Treatment Facility: Removed 2500' ductile iron sewer main and replaced with new 24" plastic sewer line. Excavation down 25' deep and replaced 8" valves on the sewer line.
  • City of Hickory - Parks and Rec: Replaced numerous sections of storm sewer and numerous creek restoration services. 
  • Cliffhangers (Mooresville): Total construction of site work and utilities.
  • Colonial Village: Overlaid parking areas with asphalt for apartment complex.
  • Comm Scope: Site work, concrete and asphalt.
  • Conniver Station: Installed new water and sewer line services for commercial retail building. 
  • Crawdads Stadium: Demo and replaced 25,000 sq. ft of concrete flatwork.
  • DR Horton Homes: Erosion control measures, grading, asphalt, concrete, curbing and sidewalk.
  • Duke Power: River remediation.
  • Jimmy Johns Restaurant (Cornelius): Site work for parking area and utilities.
  • Long Island Air Park: Construction of entire subdivision.
  • Mooresville Tennis Complex: Construction and utilities of entire site.
  • Pebble Bay Subdivision: Construction of new streets.
  • Promise View Acres Farm: Cleared over 125 acres of land to be used as farm land. Cleared and graded for grain bin foundations. Formed and poured gain bin foundations using 200 yards of concrete.
  • Robbins Park: Reconstructed 2 three acre ponds to engineer specifications including installation of concrete outlet risers and pipe. Installed all storm and sewer pipe, cleared and graded 3000' walking trail, maintained and installed all preventive erosion measures. 
  • Rock Barn Subdivision: Construction of new streets. 
  • Shinville Ridge Subdivision: Installed water and sewer line services for residential development.
  • York Technical College: Cleared and graded for parking lot extension. Installed all storm sewer, sanitary sewer line, maintained and installed all preventive erosion measures. 

We Take Pride in your project:

As a contractor, our work is on display every day. Many times, it can have a direct effect on the health, safety and quality of life of everyday citizens. That’s something we take pride in. It’s also a responsibility, and one that we take very seriously every day, and with every project.

Our commitment to quality, safety and customer service have helped us earn the trust and respect of our customers, as well as their repeat business. Working closely with them, we have successfully completed infrastructure projects for:

  • New single-family and multi-family residential developments
  • Commercial developments, including shopping centers
  • Streets, roads and highways
  • Large-scale industrial complexes

We have grown rapidly since our founding. We are proud of the projects that we have completed across North Carolina and are confident in the successful completion of those that are currently in progress.